Dear Orange Friends:

I want to once again congratulate all of our newest alumni who celebrated their graduation from Syracuse University this past weekend. I also want to thank all of their family and friends who traveled from near and very far to be with them and with us. Yesterday was the happiest and most festive day Ruth and I have experienced at Syracuse, and we look forward to many such days in the future.

Tomorrow will mark exactly four months since I joined Syracuse University as Chancellor. During that time, I have listened carefully, learned a lot, and explored as much as I could. I have taken some time to think about and assess some key areas of focus, and want to share with you a number of changes that are being made, some new initiatives underway, and other information I think you should know. Here is a memorandum [PDF. 110KB] from me to you describing these changes in more detail. I am also meeting with a group of University Senate leaders and faculty members today to talk with them about a number of these matters.

Thank you for all your hard work this semester and for all the great things we will continue to do together to make Syracuse University even better.

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Chancellor Kent Syverud