University Awards

The Chancellor’s Medal

This medal was first presented in 1967 as the Centennial Medal on the occasion of Chancellor William P. Tolley’s 25th anniversary as chancellor. The Centennial Medal, given to recognize service to higher education and society, was presented in the years 1967-1971. The name of the award was later changed to the Chancellor’s Medal in 1972. In the decades since, the medal has been given to “individuals in honor of their extraordinary contributions to the university, to their areas of expertise and/or to the community.

2017 Award Recipient
Samuel Clemence, Hendricks Chapel

The Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence

This award was first presented in 1979 in recognition of outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarship, and creative work. Over time, the focus of the awards has changed to reflect new priorities and institutional directions.

2017 Award Recipients

Excellence in Student Research
Rachel Brown-Weinstock, College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell School (undergraduate)
Carli Flynn, College of Engineering and Computer Science (graduate)
José Marrero-Rosado, College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell School (undergraduate)

Outstanding Contributions to the Student Experience and University Initiatives
Gerald Edmonds, Office of the Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
Diane Wiener, Disability Cultural Center

Chancellor’s Citation for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction
Jennifer Karas-Montez, Maxwell School and College of Arts and Sciences
Christopher Scholz, College of Arts and Sciences

Lifetime Achievement Award
Charles V. Willie

The Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship

First presented in 1992, this award grew out of an interest among students working with Syracuse University Students for the United Way to honor fellow students for their contributions to the community. The Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship furthers that objective.

2017 Award Recipients
Farrell Greenwald Brenner, College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell School (Undergraduate Award)
Andrew Ramos, College of Engineering and Computer Science (Undergraduate Award)
Cara Levine, School of Education (Graduate Award)

Meredith Professorship for Teaching Excellence

A substantial bequest from the estate of Dr. L. Douglas Meredith, a 1926 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, allowed Chancellor Kenneth A. Shaw to create the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professorships in 1995, to recognize and reward outstanding teaching at Syracuse University.

2017 Award Recipients
Sanjay Chhablani, College of Law
Jackie Orr, Maxwell School and College of Arts and Sciences

The Tolley Medal

As one of the nation’s pre-eminent leaders in higher education, William Pearson Tolley served as Syracuse University’s chancellor for 27 years. The University established the Tolley Medal in 1966 to recognize outstanding contributions by national and international leaders in what was then known as adult education.

2017 Award Recipient
Ruth Colvin

United Methodist Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award

The Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church has sponsored the University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award at Syracuse University each year since 1982 to recognize the teaching and scholarship of an outstanding professor. This award gives explicit emphasis to the dual nature of a faculty member’s responsibilities as a scholar or creative artist and as a teacher.

2017 Award Recipient
Thomas Perreault, Maxwell School and College of Arts and Sciences

The George Arents Award

The George Arents Award is Syracuse University’s highest alumni honor, presented annually to alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their chosen fields. The award is named for George Arents, a successful manufacturer who served on the University’s Board of Trustees from 1930 until his death in 1960. Among his many legacies is the fund he endowed to provide this honor recognizing Syracuse University alumni for their extraordinary achievements.

2017 Award Recipients

Thomas R. Coughlin ’68, G’69
Daniel A. D’Aniello ‘68
Diane Nelson ‘89
Mary Spio ‘98