Disrupting the Future of Medical Technology

Dear Orange Friends,

Syracuse University students and faculty are working across disciplines on path-breaking biotechnology research. This includes medical devices that aren’t limited by the possibility of infection. It includes new treatments that specifically target disease, so that broad-spectrum antibiotics and chemotherapy are a thing of the past. And it includes heart valves or replacement joints that can dynamically adapt their structure to a body’s needs.

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The Clock and Kissing Bench

Dear Orange Friends:

Lots of people visiting campus this summer have commented that, despite all the construction going on, the place has never looked better. This is because of the incredible good work of a great team in Campus Facilities, Administration and Services. The place looks good in part because the team has been paying attention to the details, such as restoring Lincoln’s statue in front of the Maxwell School, the Hendricks Chapel steps and the cupolas atop Crouse College.

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