Discover Your Passion With a Little Help Along the Way

Dear Orange Friends,

We are proud and grateful here at the University to have been part of the recent launch of the ACC Network, which has debuted in more than 35 million homes this fall. All of our athletic teams have received significant national exposure through the network, and our students in several schools and colleges have been getting daily hands-on experience in producing content, including live broadcasts.

There is another Orange network that operates more quietly each day, but I have found is particularly powerful. It is the network of Orange alumni who help our current students in their efforts to find and flower in careers. Each day, I meet alumni and students working directly together to enable the best students anywhere—Syracuse students—to find the right job and to succeed in it.

For example, last semester, rising junior Linzy Dineen connected with alumna Lorre Gaudiosi during an expenses-paid, three-day immersion trip called Discover Atlanta. With 4,000 alumni in Atlanta, volunteers such as Gaudiosi and her husband, George—also a Syracuse alumnus—provide meaningful opportunities for our students. Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and our Atlanta Regional Council, the annual trip gives our students a behind-the-scenes perspective of potential careers and employers.

Dineen is a Coronat Scholar and honors student, triple majoring in forensic science, biology and psychology on the pre-law track. She says Gaudiosi saw something in her and wanted to help. That’s how she secured an internship working as a research analyst for the Georgia Court of Appeals, where she drafted opinions based on facts and precedents and observed proceedings. The internship helped her discover a passion for a career in law and provided professional experience that can help her stand out as a law school applicant after graduation.

Dineen’s experience is not an exception. Syracuse University has 237,684 degreed alumni living in every state and 16,799 alumni in more than 170 countries. We have impacted tens of thousands of others through abroad individual courses, certificate programs, Syracuse Abroad, exchange programs, Summer College, Project Advance—where high school students can enroll in Syracuse University courses—and programs offered by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families. It is difficult to go anywhere on Earth and not find someone who is Orange and wants to help. Thanks to our dedicated alumni volunteers, Syracuse University students get real-world experience that stands out to employers and graduate programs. This, in turn, sets them up for careers that will allow them to give back to future generations of our students. This network is part of what makes it a great time to be Orange—at any stage of one’s career.


Kent Syverud




Chancellor Kent Syverud