Gratitude and Appreciation

Dear Orange Friends:

In Syracuse, these are the weeks of overpacked days. Every day on campus, for almost everyone here, it feels like twice as much is happening in half the time: examinations, capstones, performances, papers, year-end meetings, elections, and transitions. Or meaningful things done for the last time.

It gets frenzied. In the midst of all this, I sometimes forget to say thank you.

Thank you to the staff members and faculty who put in extra time to make everything continue to go well and on schedule. Thank you to the student leaders who, on top of exams and everything else, recruit and mentor their successors while pulling off everything from a smashing First Year Players production of “Heathers” to an ACC conference tournament to a charity quidditch match. Thank you to a thousand alumni who are helping our students along to their next job or career.

And thank you to our neighbors, who have at times had to endure the collective exuberance of students embracing both spring in Syracuse and the impending freedom of graduation.

I want to say those forgotten thank yous right now. After Commencement, in a few short days, the frenzy quiets down for most of us. I’m grateful for all of you who helped us through these busy days.


Kent Syverud

Chancellor Kent Syverud