Hendricks Chapel

Dear Orange Friends:

Today, a new era officially begins at Hendricks Chapel with the formal installation of its seventh dean, the Reverend Brian Konkol.

Senator Francis Hendricks, former Syracuse mayor and longtime Syracuse University Trustee, gifted the initial funding for the chapel in his will, in honor of his wife, Eliza. In his bequest, he called for a chapel that would serve as a home for all people. Hendricks Chapel was dedicated on June 8, 1930, during Commencement Week, and its first dean, William H. Powers, was installed.

Few that day could fully imagine how Hendricks Chapel, and its deans through the years, would become so fully woven into our community. In the 87 years since its dedication, Hendricks Chapel has continually reaffirmed its place as the heart and soul of our University. It is a living institution—a place where we gather to worship and to learn, to celebrate and to mourn.

The previous six deans of Hendricks Chapel—Powers, Charles C. Noble, John H. McCombe Jr., Richard L. Phillips, Thomas V. Wolfe and Tiffany L. Steinwert—all brought their own gifts to their roles and made their own individual marks on the chapel and on Syracuse University.

Dean Konkol comes to Syracuse with a broad range of experience in teaching, service, ministry and community building, both here and abroad. He brings tremendous energy, inspiration, leadership and a great calling to his new role. His appointment followed the first thorough review of the chapel in more than 30 years. I believe we can look forward to a renewal of student and University life in the chapel and in the ministries and programs the chapel sponsors.



Kent Syverud

Chancellor Kent Syverud