Philanthropy Week

Dear Orange Friends:

Syracuse University has big goals and aspirations. All of us are collectively working hard to make it the best place it can be.

Syracuse University would not be where it is today without the generosity of alumni, donors, and friends. Their generosity and dedication to the University allows us to provide a world-class education and collegiate experience to our students.

This is Philanthropy Week, which is held in March every year, and is hosted by the Student Philanthropy Council. These student ambassadors represent a variety of academic majors and class years, but share a common commitment to giving back and supporting Syracuse. They’re also passionate about building a culture of philanthropy among their fellow students.

Philanthropy Week is a great time for us to recognize the many people who have made Syracuse University what it is today—a great, thriving, international research university—and to encourage others to help us meet and exceed our ambitious goals.

Today, we are honoring alumni and a student organization with the Orange Circle Awards for their extraordinary philanthropic acts. The Phanstiel Lecture, created with support from Howie Phanstiel ’70, G’71 and his wife, Louise, will be given by Jim Carrick G’98, CEO of LPA Software Solutions, who will speak about the role philanthropy plays in his life.

Philanthropy Week activities also underscore the importance of volunteerism and charitable giving. Through the Orange Around the World initiative, and thanks to donations of time and goods from our University community, 325 care packages are on their way to our alumni on military active duty across the globe.

And on Thursday, we will celebrate the 146th anniversary of the founding of Syracuse University on March 24, 1870.

We have a lot to be thankful for. This week, I encourage you to thank a donor, and think about ways you can leave your own mark on Syracuse University.


Kent Syverud
Chancellor Kent Syverud