Rising to the Occasion

Dear Orange Friends:

Three weeks of the Fall 2020 semester are now behind us. We have learned so much in those weeks, including about the grit and grace of our Orange community.

I have already taught for 14 hours this semester in Law 630—a negotiation class in the College of Law. I had great students from many parts of the University, and the class was held simultaneously in person and online. We wore masks; we socially distanced; we negotiated four agreements; and we did that while engaging with each other across a challenging digital/classroom divide.

This hybrid teaching was about the hardest I’ve ever done. Yet our faculty here are doing this every day all semester. I am thankful for their commitment to embracing new ways of teaching and doing it incredibly well. I also appreciate the dedication our students have shown as they learn in this mix of in-person and online classes.

The pandemic has upended how we do so many things. What I have learned is that our entire community—students, faculty and staff—is showing the world that when things are challenging, the Orange community rises to the occasion in new ways and gets the job done. I am so proud to be Orange, now more than ever.


Kent Syverud




Chancellor Kent Syverud