Take Back the Night

Dear Orange Friends:

One of the things that makes this University special is how people who believe in something strongly can and do come together to make their voices heard.

Last night’s turnout for Take Back the Night 2015 event was outstanding. A previous, long-term commitment off-campus kept me from attending, but nearly 1,000 members of the campus community were there.

That so many crowded into Hendricks Chapel to stand united against gender-based violence again shows just how much this campus community cares about this important issue. The fact that so many diverse campus groups – the Greek community, sexual advocacy groups, members of the General Body, student-athletes, and many others in a wonderful coalition — were there made a bold statement about our commitment, individually and collectively, to maintain a safe campus for all. I thank all who participated for this great work, and I urge us all to keep the momentum going through this semester and beyond and make this April and May the safest ever. For this, your leadership is essential.

Syracuse has been at the forefront of combatting sexual violence for decades. It has needed to be. I have learned a lot of this history this year, at times through challenges and at times through hearing from thoughtful and passionate contributors across our community.

I thank all for your support for Take Back the Night, and for visibly and powerfully reaffirming your willingness to lead on this important issue.

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Chancellor Kent Syverud