The New Dog

Dear Orange Friends:

Ruth and I have been adopted by a new dog. She is a rescue and is now seven months old; we think she is a Terrier/German Shepherd mix. I’ve attached a picture.

We have named her Grace, although like all dogs who are loved she has acquired other names too over the past few months. After 17 years with our previous beloved dog Lucky, it was hard to get our heads around having a newcomer, but we are glad we did. Grace is smart and determined. She has already concluded that anyone in Orange must be her friend.

We are grateful to all the students and staff and faculty who have been kind to Grace. I had forgotten what raising a puppy is like, but I sure am seeing the neighborhood more often. Many of you have been kind to Grace in the neighborhood and at events at the house. We are most grateful.


Kent Syverud

Kent Syverud